What is a partner church?

  • A Partner Church commits 3% of general tithes and offerings to Multiply Indiana
  • A Partner Church is wiling to open their doors to a church planting intern
  • A Partner Church opens their facility for church plants within a 30-mile radius (on non-utilized times – Sunday night/Saturday/etc…).
  • A Partner Church announces all Multiply Indiana church plants to their congregation and invite congregants to prayerfully consider joining a Multiply Indiana church plant launch team.
  • A Partner Church leads with an open-hand by connecting church planters to needed relationships and social resources.


What is a partner individual?

  • A Partner Individual commits to weekly prayer and fast for Multiply Indiana and their church plants.

  •  A Partner Individual commits a percentage of their income above the 10% given to their local church to Multiply Indiana


How are MULTIPLY INDIANA church planters selected?

  • The planter has completed a church planting assessment.
  • The planter is interviewed by the Multiply Indiana Board of Directors and is fully approved to plant and be resourced.
  • Multiply Indiana issues a memorandum of understanding to the Church Planter outlining our level of commitment and the requirements of the commitment.