Multiply Indiana is a church planting network aimed at reaching the entire state of Indiana for Christ

We are a complimentary church-planting network dedicated to planting churches in Indiana alongside existing national/global networks. We exist to provide additional financial, social, coaching, facility, & entrepreneurial resources to help Indiana church plants successfully reach the un-churched.  We provide financial resources, facilities, financing relationships, & mentoring from successful church plants.

Our Vision:

  • Hundreds of people would fast and pray that Indiana would be the epicenter of revival across the U.S.
  • Indiana would be known as fertile soil for the message of Jesus Christ and for new church plants.
  • The Holy Spirit could be felt when crossing our border or getting off a plane in Indiana.
  • We would create over 100 relevant and thriving churches across Indiana by 2036.
  • Thousands of people would come to Christ in the decades to come.
  • Over a million people would come to Christ in the generations to come.
  • Multiply Indiana would plant churches in the underserved communities.
  •  100% of funds are donated directly to church planters.
  • All of our overhead support is provided by another source.
  • Multiply Indiana would raise $300,000 in 2016-2017 to jumpstart the network and fund 10 church plants by 2021.
  • Multiply Indiana would raise $700,000 in 2018-2025 to fund 20 additional plants.

About The $50,000 Grant:

  • $50,000 to be paid out in the following manor: $5,000 on contract execution, $20,000 90 days prior to launch and $5,000 per quarter thereafter assuming the mission and vision of the Church remain conistent.
  • Multiply Indiana Church partners are invited to give 3% of their general tithe back to Multiply Indiana in perpetuity.
  • All applicants will be subject to board approval.

How To Apply:

To apply, please submit a prospectus using the form below. This is the first step to applying for the Multiply Indiana $50,000 grant. Once we review your prospectus, a Multiply Indiana representative will reach out to you regarding the next steps.

Upcoming Events:

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