City of Lights, Week 4!

One of the networks that I worked with would not allow a church planter to publish the number of people attending their Grand Opening. Why? Just because your aunts, uncles and cousins will travel 300 miles to show up for your first service, doesn't mean they will show up for your second and third services!

After watching City of Lights first service online, I was excited to follow a number of families into the Landmark 12 at the Glendale Mall for their fourth service. I was even more excited when the service began and Theater #9 became sanctuary to the most diverse worship I will likely experience this side of heaven! 

That should be no surprise for a church led by Jon Owen, who has served as a worship pastor for the past 15 years. As it turns out, City of Lights is a family affair, with Jon's brother leading worship from the front, and his father (Jon Sr.) leading from the back with heart-felt "Amens!" during his son's sermon from Ephesians. 

For a guy who has spent the past 18+ years worshipping in churches--how should I put this--northeast of I-465, it was exhilarating! If you would like to experience a diverse worship experience that is a reflection of the one going on right now up in heaven, be sure to check out City of Lights some Sunday at 9:15 am at the Landmark 12 at Glendale Mall. 

John & Kelley Owens' Family

John & Kelley Owens' Family